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Take a deep dive into the anatomy of a real-life phishing scam
Anatomy of a phishing scam
It feels like scammers are coming at you from every direction these days and it’s hard to to separate the real from the fake. We’ll talk you through the anatomy of a scam, so you can learn to spot the red flags.
5 min read
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3 ways to spot a scheming scammer
They say they are someone you know, but they refuse to speak with you on the phone.
They create a false sense of urgency. This makes it less likely that you will double-check before acting.
They ask for gift cards. Scammers ask for this type of payment because they are hard to track.
Find out what you can do to prevent your streaming logins from being stolen
Have your Netflix details been stolen?
Ever noticed a new show appear on your watchlist that you’ve never seen? Chances are it's not your algorithm making a mistake — your login details may have been leaked. Here’s what you can do to fix it.
3 min read
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